Quakers in Hamilton



T.S. Eliot said that "April is the cruelest month," and this is often quoted, but he was comparing the new life and hope of the first real springtime month to the sorrowful memories he experienced, and finding the contrast difficult. Let us instead embrace the changes and feel the hope of a new season of growth.  April may be full of contrasts—sunshine and shorts can be followed by snow and shivers—but beneath the apparent trickery is persistent progress. The green leaves, blooming flowers, nesting birds, and mild temperatures eventually assure us that spring is here and summer will come.  It's pretty much like real life, isn't it?  t's not always easy or even steady; there are setbacks and turnarounds, but commitment and effort and hope and trust will usually bring us to our goals.

Beverly Shepard,
Clerk, Hamilton Monthly Meeting

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